Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction

The basic idea was to build up a different kind of museum. It gives a realistic picture of the Kuolajärvi- Salla region. The history in Salla varies a lot from history in Finland due to the Russian border. Like any history there were good times and bad times. But every time the people of Salla have got up again.

When you enter the museum you can sense an old atmosphere. There are flowers and old style curtains on the window. In the café you can have a first look to the exhibition, and you can start your journey in time through the Kuolajärvi-Salla history. The journey starts from the beginning of 1900th century. Pictures and items tell you about the life in Kuolajärvi, the dreadful times of war and the enormous time of reconstruction, when the whole region of Salla was to build up again. For more information you can use our own little library in museum where there are books, photos and films about the old times.

One of the most important things in our museum is to preserve the old stories, tales and history from Kuolajärvi and Salla. You are very welcome to get to know our exhibition, learn new things and to share your stories with us.

The Museum café sells refreshments, souvenirs and historical books.


Salla museum of war and reconstruction has opened a new exhibition called “The Land of Gnomes” in the outdoor area. It tells about old myths related to various kind of animals and plants. There are also six different kind of gnomes living in the area. You can search for the gnomes with a little guide book when you come to visit the museum area.

Traditional Tavern beside the museum tells about history of travelling and there you can find a renewed exhibition about history of skiing.

Basic information
Opening hours 1.7. -30.9. tue - sun 10-17 1.10. - 30.6.14 tue - sat 10-17
Languages: Finnish, English
Contact information:

puh 040 579 0762

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