Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction

The basic idea was to build up a different kind of museum. It gives a realistic picture of the Kuolajärvi- Salla region. The history in Salla varies a lot from history in Finland due to the Russian border. Like any history there were good times and bad times. But every time the people of Salla have got up again.

Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction

Permanent exhibition of Salla Museum tells about life in Salla from the 1900s to the 1960s. Our museum gives a realistic picture of Kuolajärvi (from 1936 Salla) region. The Russian border has given a unique touch to the history of Salla. Like any history there were good times and bad times. But every time the people of Salla have got up again.

When you enter the museum you can sense an old atmosphere. There are flowers and old style curtains on the window. In the café you can have a first look to the exhibition, and you can start your journey in time through the history. Pictures and items tell you about the life in Kuolajärvi, the dreadful times of war and the enormous time of reconstruction, when the whole region of Salla was to be built up again. For more information you can use our own little library in museum where there are books, photos and films about the old times.

One of the most important things in our museum is to preserve the old stories, tales and history from Kuolajärvi and Salla. You are very welcome to get to know our exhibition, learn new things and to share your stories with us. Ask also for guided tours!

With our museum we have a museum shop and café, where you can buy local products and souvenirs and enjoy a cup of coffee and local pastries. Beside the museum there’s a Traditional Tavern, which tells about history of travelling and a small exhibition about history of skiing.

New exhibition: Told by the tracks - railway history from Salla

This is the first time railway history has its own exhibition in Salla Museum. Railway theme is the perfect fit for Salla museum. Permanent exhibition takes you through the history of Kuolajärvi, or Salla today, from beginning of the 1900s until the 1960s. The construction of “the railway of Salla” took place in the 1940s and the railway has a strong connection to war history. Old building, which is nowadays our museum, used to be an accommodation building for railway workers. Railway tracks still lie behind the museum building although trains don’t come there anymore.

New exhibition tells about both the history and the situation today. You can learn about how the railway was constructed and who the railway workers were. Exhibition presents also the project about building a railway from Lapland to Arctic Ocean. Even though this kind of railway has been planned for more than 100 years, it is now a very actual project. You can also leave your opinion about this railway plan in the exhibition.

Guided tours at the Museum

A guided tour gives you a good insight to Salla’s history through museum’s permanent exhibition. What were the main ways of living in the beginning of 20th century? What happened during winter and continuation war? How was it to come back to new home after war times? You will learn about these themes and more during the tour.
Price: 5 € / person, from 1 to 25 persons (year 2019) Available: All year around from Tuesday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm (other times on request) Duration: 1 hour Language: English
We also arrange guided tours to outdoor and changing exhibitions. If you are particularly interested in some theme, you can ask a guidance especially about that.
Optional: Coffee or tea with local pastries 3 € / person
Information and reservations: or +358 40 579 0762. Reservations must be made a week in advance. Guide availability can be inquired also for a shorter notice or on the spot.


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