Midnight canoe trip

Would you like to learn how to canoe in the midst of a scenic Lappish landscape? Take our canoeing trip to Hangasjärvi.

The trip stars from the main bilding of the Reindeer Park, where you will meet your qualified guide who provides you with floatation jackets, watertight bags for accessories, rainwear and waterproof shoes, if necessary. Then he shows you the route of the trip on a map.

After the introduction at the Reindeer PArk, you will drive (all partivipants in their own cars) to the parking area of Hangasjärvi (5 km) From the Reideer Park. The guide will show you the way.

At Hangasjärvi, ir is time to launch the canoes already waiting for you on the shore. The guide helos yout o embark in the canoes in pairs and shows you how to paddle. Then you can enjoy the scenic landscape and midnight sun of the wilderness. After 2 km of the tour, we will make a campfire to enjoy coffee of tea and sausages prepared over open fire.

The guide carries a supply of safety gear: a rescue rope, rescue vest(which keeps afloat one other person besides the fuide himself), a first aid kit, spare clothes and a mobile phone.

Available: 1 June - 30 September.

Recommended to: Adults with reasonable walking ability and children accompanied by an adult. No previous canoeing experience necessary

Duration: 3 hours

Languages: Finnish and English

Minimum/maximum persons: 4/16

Venue: Salla Reindeer Park, which is situated 3.5 km (2.2 miles) from the tourist centre of Sallatunturi mountain in the direction of Kuusamo. From Kuusamo, the park is 102 km (65 miles) in the direction of Salla via HAutajärvi, and from Rovaniemi, 166.5 km (103 miles) in the direction of Kuusamo via Kemijärvi and Salla

Transfer: If needed Reindeer Park organizes transfer for the porgram from Sallatunturi.

Reservations: Tel. +358 16 837 771, Fax. +358 16 837 728, Mobile +358 40 581 3193 / Jotos/Salla Reindeer Park.

E-mail: sallan.poropuisto@jotos.inet.fi

Rates:  50€/person. Children 4-13 years -50%.

Payment: International credit cards, banking cards, cash, travel agencies' vouchers.

Basic information
Languages: Finnish, English
Payment methods Bank card, Visa, Master Card, American Express
Contact information:

Sallan Poropuisto

puh +358 16 837 771

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