Napapiiri - Arctic Circle at Karhunkierros

The Karhunkierros Visitor Centre at the Arctic Circle introduces Oulanka National Park, Karhunkierros hiking trail and other natural attractions and services in the nearby areas.

Services in Karhunkierros Visitor Centre

- Information on Oulanka National Park and other nature reserves in the surrounding areas, and  Metsähallitus

- Information and hiking tips for the Karhunkierros Trail, UKK Hiking Trail and attractions in the surrounding areas, such as the Oulanka Canyon or the Giant’s Kettles of Kalliovaara. Brochures, maps and guidance material for destinations in the surrounding areas.

- Permanent exhibition Finland – Fenland, introducing visitors to the special features of the northern bog ecosystems and the exploitation of the natural resources of bogs, as well as the history of the area, especially the local meadow culture. Also changing exhibitions with nature themes.

- “Asentopaikka”- children’s play area

- Videos and multimedia shows about different natural features, free of charge.

- For Sale: Oulanka National Park themed products


Basic information
Opening hours June-September 2017 everyday 10-18
Languages: Finnish
Contact information:

puh 0400 196 741

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