Salla Reindeer Park

The main building of the Reindeer Park has a café, a souvenir shop and an auditorium, which takes 130 people, as well as an exhibition hall. We also have an exhibition on the terrain, flora and fauna of Salla. It gives you a comprehensive overview of the old forests and the encounters of the reindeer with predators. With its colourful photos, sounds of nature, and showcases with stuffed predators, the exhibition is an impressive experience.

You will not have to stay hungry or thirsty in the Reindeer Park. Besides the restaurant, you can also enjoy the local delicacies in a traditional Lappish Kota shelter or even on the ice, if you wish.

Our modern Starry Sky Kota shelter offers many opportunities. It takes 60 – 100 guests at a time.

Our professional local guides will take good care of you. We wish you welcome to enjoy the pure nature and the ease of the Lappish way of living! Everything we offer is local: the Lappish nature and people are our strength.

Basic information
opening hours 26.4 - 23.6. only by reservation, 24.6 - 31.8. Mon-Fri 11 - 16,1.9 - 29.9. Mon-Sun 10 - 17 and 30.9. - 2.12.2013 only by reservation.
Languages: Finnish, English
Payment methods Bank card, Visa, Master Card, American Express
Contact information:

Sallan Poropuisto

puh 016-837771
Fax: 016 - 837 728

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The tale behind the name Murhahaara (Murder Branch)

In the northern parts of Salla, in the Tuntsa area, there is a hut in the wilderness called Murhahaara (Murder Branch). For centuries, it has been rumoured to be haunted. In the guestbook of the hut, people have scribbled warnings to those spending the night about ghosts appearing during the...