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Kola Extreme’s experience in organizing safaris goes back to 1988. Kola Extreme’s staff is one of the most qualified and experienced and has a long history in the Lappish tourist service sector. Our expertise extends beyond Lapland - we also guarantee reliable, safe safari services in Russia, snowmobile- and ATV -safaris.

Bewildering, beautiful landscapes. Wolf tracks on the snowy wilderness. Campfires, excitement, sweat, the sauna, a feeling of success, team spirit. Kola Extreme safaris are all this. Professionals have chosen basic routes that go through unspoiled nature; virgin forests, swamps and fells.

You don’t have to be an expert snowmobile or ATV -driver to enjoy Kola Extreme’s safaris. We tailor each trip to meet the physical condition and experience of the members of your group; with our help and your courage, you and your group will be able to test your boundaries

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Reijo Iivari

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The tale behind the name Murhahaara (Murder Branch)

In the northern parts of Salla, in the Tuntsa area, there is a hut in the wilderness called Murhahaara (Murder Branch). For centuries, it has been rumoured to be haunted. In the guestbook of the hut, people have scribbled warnings to those spending the night about ghosts appearing during the...