Arctic Aihki

Arctic Aihki offers a truly memorable experience with good food and enjoyable environment. The village of Salla is famous for relaxation. Aihki provides excellent environment for relaxing and for instance a refreshing place for a business meeting.


Arctic Aihki is a cabin situated an hour from Salla. Arctic Aihki is build by very traditional ways of Lapland. It is highly atmospheric and popular as a place for various kinds of celebrations when a truly personal and unforgetable location is needed.


Arctic Aihki provides accommodation for a larger group. There can be found nine rooms for two person and two rooms for three persons, two saunas, showers, multiple sanitation, a room of fireplace and an excellent kitchen.

To do?

In Arctic Aihki the main enjoyable ”product” is the fantastic nature surrounding the cabin. The silence is allmost touchable and the dark sky full of stars gives a truly memorable experience. One of the best things is also the kitchen and an opportunity to take part of cooking.

If you are looking for more activities then no worries. We provide also possibilities for various activities such as hunting, fishing, wander with snowshoes, skiing, driving with snowscooter, there is even a possibility for indoor courses such as yoga. You can really enjoy the trip just as you like it.


This is one of the main thing in Arctic Aihki. You will be enjoying the company of one of the Finlands most famous chefs, who is experienced in nature and truly enjoys it. He uses the local food and resources the environment provides and will be there preparing excellent food for you. You can deside yourself if you want to be part of the cooking or just come to the ready table.


There is three different options in Aihki’s selection. The prices start form 125€/day/person. The smallest size of the group is eight people.

Basic Package:Transportation is arranged by the  customers themselves. The sheets in bed are provided by Aihki, but the guests make their own bed and collect the sheets from the beds when leaving.

The program is made by the guests themselves. Food includes porrige breakfast, soup lunch and the dinner

Traveller’s Package: Transportation is arranged by the  customers themselves. Beds are waiting ready. Aihki-breakfast, lunch and three course dinner. Sauna is ready and waiting for you to arrive.

Aihki De lux package: Transportation from the airport or nearest train station. Beds are ready. Exclusive breakfast, lunch, snacks, four course dinner with entertainment, evening snack, outdoor activities and games. Refreshing foot bath in Sauna.

You can feel yourself as a king of the wilderness.


Phone: No signal, no Wifi. For once you can just be and concentrate to the present

Fireplace: Yes

Smoking: Outside

For making notes: Paper and stationery

Sound system: The echo may answer you in the silence of the night

Lighting: Winter: Sky full of stars and northern lights, summer: it’s all about the light

Basic information
Languages: Finnish, English
Contact information:

Markus Maulavirta

puh 050 598 2996

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