A farmhouse in the Naruska village

The farmhouse is located in the neighbourhood of Naruska and Tuntsa wilderness. In the main building possibility to overnight for 6 persons and in the other building for 2 persons. There is an electric sauna inside the main building and a separate sauna cottage with a wood heated stove. Equipments: Cooking plates, refridgerator, freezer, microwave, coffee maker, washing machine, television and radio. Full sets of dishes also for bigger groups. The house is electric heated and there is running water, shower and toilet. The guests have to bring their own sheets and towels.

Location: In the municipality of Salla, 45 km north from Salla village.

Good possibilities for fishing in Naruskajoki river. Fish species: grayling, trout, whitefish, pike and perch. There is a rowing boat for use. Excellent possibilities for hiking in the wilderness and on the fells. Wintertimes tracks for skiing and snowmobile driving in the neighbourhood.

Driving directions: 30 km from Salla village to the Savukoski direction, turning to the Naruska gravel road. 15 km driving on the Naruska gravel road. In the left side by the Naruskajoki river a red farmhouse.


- 70 € max 6 person, 100 € max 10-12 person


- 450 € max 6 person, 650 € max 10- 12 person

More information: +358 (0)40 5201178 or kuutsi@netti.fi

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Juha Iivari

puh +358(0) 400 664574

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