Snowshoe Northern light trip

März 26. 18:00 - 21:00
Ort: Sallatunturi
When the darkness falls over the Arctic Circle we put on the snowshoes and head out to the forest. At night you can sense the wilderness and Lappish peace at it’s best.

Even though polar night is on and the sun goes down early, the snowy forest is never completely black. After a short walk, when we get out from the street lights, your eyes will get used to the darkness and you start to see without the lights.

Pure white snow, stars, moon and sometimes even the Auroras lights up our way. Our goal on the trip is to find perfect, dark and quiet spot in the forest. Those are the few key things when chasing the Northern Lights.

Our guides will be able to give you some essential tips how to memorize this magic with your camera. And like the reindeer, our guides knows their way in the dark forest as well. Along the way we will have some hot beverage to warm us up.


Price: 75 €/person

Duration: ca. 3h

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