Reindeer safari 3h

April 18. 09:30
Ort: Sallatunturi
Driving a reindeer through the wintery forest is a breathtaking experience. On this safari you have a chance to enjoy the nature and be amazed how reindeer go through the wilderness.
Before the safari our guide will give you a driving lesson and tell you how to handle the reindeer. After the lesson you will get your own reindeer and drive it yourself behind our guide. Driving a reindeer and sleigh is quite simple and very relaxing way to move in the wintery forest.

Along the way we will have couple stops. First the female and calf reindeer needs to be fed. On a photo stop you can have photos of you and reindeer and maybe take a pic for next Christmas card. For picnic we stop in Lappish hut and enjoy sausage, hot drinks and bun.

After driving the reindeer succesfully you will earn a reindeer driving license.

Reservation on the previous day at 6 pm.

Price: 93 €, children from 4 to 13 years -50%

Duration: 3h

Min/Max: 4/20

Price includes: guided reindeer tour, a rendeer driving licence, picnic

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