Salla Day Festival

Juli 19. 10:00 - 16:00
Ort: Salla

The biggest festival in Salla!

The traditional whole family event takes place in the nearby areas of Salla centre. The main stage is located in front of Salla Library, next to the Salla Municipality Office. The stage program is hosted in Finnish by Elina Jokela. 

The day starts with dancing to the tunes played by Toni Jaatinen band at 10 am, after that the mayor of municipality of Salla will give his greetings which is followed by fun program for children. The program at stage continues with speeches and music performances ending to the band playing. Off stage there will be program for children, for instance, a clown park, a book publishing event and book sales at library. The museum has its own exhibitions for instance for art and old cars and for outside activity there's horse carriage riding.

The Stage Program

10:00 AM: Marketplace dancing; Live music by Toni Jaatinen Band 

10:45 AM: ”The greetings of Salla”; a speech by the mayor Erkki Parkkinen

11:00 AM: Children’s program; Miska Pressan Katti -concert

11:45 AM: Jaana Ahola’s exhibition project about the culture of Kuolajärvi (The Old Salla)

12:00 PM: Salla’s annual grants for culture and sport

12:30 PM: Juha Joona’s lecture on ”Metsäsaamelaiset”, the Forest Sami People

1:00 PM: Live music

1:30 PM: Speeches on the collaboration of Salla and the nearby regions of Russia

2:30 PM: Inga Lokka’s ”Live Lavis”, gymnastic dance-exercises accompanied by Toni Jaatinen Band

3:00 PM: Marketplace dancing; Live music by Toni Jaatinen Band

The stage program ends at 4:00 PM.

Other programs near the Main Stage 

Children’s clown park

Open doors at the Salla Fire Station

The authors of Salla; A book showing and publishing event in the Municipal Office

A book outlet in Salla Library

At Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction & Border Hostelry

Summer Exhibition: Told by the Rails - The Railway History of Salla

Permanent Exhibition: Salla during the years of 1910-1960

Uula Piisilä Art Exhibition 

Jaana Ahola collecting stories and pictures of the descendants of those from Kuolajärvi (The Old Salla)

Horse-drawn wagon rides and draisine rides

Old-time cars and motors

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