Nothing Happens -week

Oktober 28. 00:01 - November 03. 23:59

Gone are the marvellous colours of autumn, luminous winter days are yet to come. Now is the time for the nature and people to calm down and be renewed for the coming winter without extra hustle. If you want to experience that too, the place where you could only be present, then head to Salla cause it is time for the Nothing Happens -week. No need for planning the activities to do during your holiday and then run from activity to another. Because there are no activies available. Shut down your mobile devices, quit multitasking, be present, talk with the real people around you (if you can find any !), breathe deep the cleanest air in the world and feel the wilderness surrounding you. Perfect surroundings for people to calm down and revitalise themselves completely, reminding yourself how to just be and relax. Listen to the sounds of silence - in the middle of nowhere.

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Eine schmerzliche Aufgabe

Der Winterkrieg war ausgebrochen. Wir wählten etwa ein Dutzend von Männern aus, die mit der Geleitung und Führung von Mensch und Vieh beauftragt waren, über die Savukoski Straße in Richtung Westen zu flüchten. In Kotala mussten wir die Rinder im Stall erschießen, da wir sie nicht mehr...