Nothing Happens- week

Oktober 16. 09:00
Ort: Sallatunturi


Gone are the marvellous colours of autumn, crisp winter days are still in coming. Now is the time for the nature and people to calm down and be renewed for the coming winter without extra hustle. If you want to experience that too, the place for you could be Salla and it's Nothing Happens -week. No need for planning all the activities to do during your holiday and then run from activity to another cause there are no activies available. Perfect surroundings for people to calm down completely, learning again how to just be and relax. Listen to nothing - in the middle of nowhere.

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Die Feuersbrunst von Tuntsa

Im Jahre 1960 meinte Gott in seiner Weisheit, dass es bestimmt sei, Teile der Wälder in Tuntsa niederzubrennen. Ich schlief gerade, als Feuerwehrhauptmann Yrjö Tervo mich durch wildes Klopfen am Fenster aus dem Bett holte. Er befahl mir, aufzustehen und mich sofort nach Tuntsa zu begeben, um...